¡¡¡¡CHINA KINDNESS TOUR is specially designed for European and western tourists who are interested in oriental culture, history, ethnic group, adventure and other special tours in China and Indo-China. You will find our unique travel information as follow :
China Classic Tour China Minority Tour Mekong Cruise
Walking back into China 2000 years ago by visiting the world wonder of the Great Wall, Forbidden City & Terracotta Warriors...details
Different people with different culture: peculiar customs & costumes of 55 minority nationalities in China surely impress you forever...details
Amazing tour with the dream comes true: cruise Mekong between South China and Indo-China, roam from Golden Triangle into Shangri-la ¨C an unique experience of the last purity in the world...details
Yangtze Cruise Tibet Tour Yunnan Miniority Festival & Tour
Yangtze cruise always gives you an everlasting impression of Golden Waterway in China... details

Potala Palace, Mt. Everest & Tibetan people will be something touching your heart & soul... details

The hometown of 25 ethnic groups, the kingdom of singularly rich flora & fauna of China...details

China Special Interest Tour China Golf & Education Tour China City Tour

The vast, various land & remote areas of China are surely the paradise of all the fans of adventures...details

The best golf course in Asia & the ancient Chinese civilization are the irresistible attractions for golfers & young generations..details

Besides Beijing, Xian, Shanghai, etc, maybe you would like to try these quite different parts of China ¨C Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan...details